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Printable Paper Productivity: A Resource Guide

March 20, 2010

Here’s a collection of resources for printing your own note paper, lists, etc.

DIY Planner – The best choice for printable planner pages. Check out their beginner’s guide to get started.

Print Free Graph Paper – The name says it all. Customize the size, units and style of your graph paper.

re:Pocketmod – Pocket-sized, portable and customizable foldable booklet. You’ll get addicted to these.

Cornell Method PDF Generator – The Cornell Method helps you remember why you wrote down the stuff you wrote down. Check out this tool for generating your own personalized Cornell notepaper.

A Collection of Printable Sketch Templates and Sketch Books for Wireframing – Web work your thing? Check out this amazing collection of web-to-paper templates from Geek Chix.

Blank staff paper and blank chord sheets – For the musically inclined and instrumentally productive.

DIY: FREE printable Mini File Folder & Labels – Print your own file folders for those scraps of paper.

Moleskine MSK – Create custom pages that print out ready to fit inside your Moleskine notebook. You can import contacts, chunks of text, and several other options.

The Printable CEO Series – High level goal tracking, business planning, etc.

What are some other great printables for productivity?

Combining digital and analog

March 19, 2010

No matter how much we might try to go 100% paper-based or 100% digital for our task and schedule management, it’s unlikely we can achieve either one. You’ll always have information scattered around your hard drive or your email, and you’ll always have some index cards or post it notes laying around with jots and times/dates. Combining analog and digital inboxes is a major obstacle to an efficient system. There are a few apps that try to bridge this gap for you right out of the gate.

Toodledo Booklet Printer

Look familiar? Based on the Pocketmod format (now resurrected as rePocketmod), the Toodledo booklet prints out your tasks in a convenient foldable pocket booklet. If you have a Pro account or higher, you can customize your booklet to meet your specific needs.

Scrybe PaperSync

Another Pocketmod clone. Scrybe got a lot of buzz several years ago, and it seems like the developers just gave up on it. The blog was last updated in 2008. However, one of its most unique features was the ability to print your tasks and calendars into a small and foldable booklet. Scrybe was the first app I came across that seemed to care just as much about your paper-based productivity as your digital task management.

What other suggestions do you have for productivity apps that make it easy to flow back and forth between paper and digital?