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Pocketmod V2

December 21, 2007

After a long dry spell with no new innovations from the original creators of Pocketmod, we finally have an update! What a nice Christmas present for you pocket productivity fans. Check out Pocketmod V2.

The new version includes many features originally hacked into existence by dedicated devotees, including the ability to add pictures, information pulled from live RSS feeds, and more.

The best new features of Pocketmod V2 are the “Today,” “Tomorrow,” and “This Week” pages, which actively update with the correct dates to create a pre-populated calendar. Excellent.

via Pocketmod blog

Backpack Publish Firefox Extension

April 25, 2007

Most Backpack users have probably already discovered the Backpack Extension for Firefox made by Ben Mills, which places a Backpack icon/menu in your Firefox toolbar for easy access to all of your pages, lists, calendar and reminders.

If you love the convenience of that add-on, you’ll love Andrew Kortina’s amazing and incredibly useful Backpack Publish Firefox extension. Backpack Publish gives you the web clipping abilities of Google Notebook right in your Backpack account. Clipping of images is not yet supported, but clips do include a link back to the original source.

Once you’ve installed the extension, all you need to do is highlight some text on a page, click the icon in your toolbar, choose the page you want, and select whether you want the clip to be a note or a list item. You can even turn highlighted text into a reminder. This extension provides functionality that the 37 Signals team should have implemented into their app long ago.

If you’ve been wavering back and forth between Google Notebook and Backpack for note taking and to do list management, this extension will definitely turn the tide in Backpack’s favor.

Twitter to be featured at SXSW

February 7, 2007

New favorite app Twitter is set for success at this year’s SXSW Interactive:

Twitter has been selected as a finalist for the SXSW Web Awards. The judges think we “revolutionize the power of publishing.” We hope we win! There’s also a People’s Choice category and we’re allowed to ask folks to vote for us. If you have a couple minutes you can help us take home the prize!

Vote here:

Speaking of SXSW, the conference organizers were kind enough to work with us to do something they’ve never done before. They’re letting Twitter take over the hallways. Everyone knows that the hallways at conferences are always brimming with action and this year Twitter is going to reflect some of that action back out with a couple big plasma monitors showing Twitter updates.

If you haven’t messed with Twitter, you should. It’s deceptively simple and addicting fun.

Joe’s Goals

November 29, 2006

As the time for New Year’s resolutions draws closer, I thought I’d share this ridiculously simple little goal tracker called Joe’s Goals. Sign up, add goals, click in the box when you’ve done that goal for the day. It’s that simple. You can even create a logbook to make notes if you like.

Here’s a screenshot – don’t make fun of my goals!


Joe’s Goals is really only useful for daily stuff.

Other things I’m using right now:
Wish lists – Kaboodle
Long term goals – 43things
Diet – Weight Watchers
Journal/notes – GTD hacked Moleskine with Pilot G2 mini