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Pencil of the Month Club, Vol. II

September 14, 2007

Don over at Pencil Things has decided to resurrect his much beloved feature, Pencil of the Month Club!

This time around, there’s even a limited edition for special collectors:

We also may offer a Limited Edition, for $8.00/month. The Limited Editon will include a vintage pencil and/or a special pencil. American Pencil Company’s Venus Velvet is an example of a vintage pencil. Mitsubishi Pencil Company’s Hi-Uni is an example of a special pencil. I characterize a pencil as “special” if it is unavailable to individuals living outside the pencil’s country of manufacture, or it is unreasonably expensive to acquire. But may purchase special pencils from foreign businesses and distribute one to each Limited Edition member — a co-op purchase, in effect.

Exciting news for pencil dorks everywhere.

Moleskine sighting: Jennifer Morrison

July 16, 2007


House’s Jennifer Morrison has been tapped to star in The Murder of Princess Diana, a Lifetime movie based on the Noel Botham book that theorized that Di’s fatal car crash was the dirty work of a conspiracy. Morrison will play an American journalist who witnesses the tunnel crash and starts her own investigation after becoming suspicious of the “official” take on what happened.

In the photo, any Moleskine fan will quickly notice she’s jotting down important journalistic notes in a pocket Moleskine reporter notebook, complete with snappy elastic closure. Wonder if JMo prefers plain, squared, or ruled?

Thanks to Ladybluelake for posting this pic on Livejournal.

Twitter Fiction at PigPog

March 16, 2007

twitter The guys over at PigPog have a nice writeup of Twitter Fiction today. Be sure and check it out!