An Ode to the Moleskine Pocket Cahier

April 4, 2007
Moleskine Cahier

Merlin Mann has called these slim paper-covered booklets “the Honda Accord of Moleskines.” But these versatile, slender Moles just might be the ultimate capture device.

For those doing GTD, the use for the 64-page pocket sized Cahier is readily apparent – the size and format of the book make it ideal for capturing notes, lists, to do items and contact information on the go. The last 16 of those 64 pages are even perforated for easy rippin’ and dippin’ tearing and sharing of your own must-share jots. If you currently use a hipster PDA for these tasks but you’re unsatisfied with the format for whatever reason, a slim Cahier is available for casual encounters in the Buff (try not to stare) or a more classy rendezvous in basic Moleskine black. The well known and loved pocket has been a bit bastardized to keep the bulk to a minimum – instead of the full pocket, you only get a small flap on the inside of the back cover. Treat it tenderly if you don’t want your unmentionable receipts flapping in the wind.

What’s the point? These Moleskines lack the impressive page counts of their fatter yet still pocket-sized cousins and may seem less durable because they lack the hard cover. The answer? Simplicity. Most people misunderstand the Cahier because they expect it to be something it’s not – a full-blown durable journal and keepsake-quality book. If you look at it for what it IS, a classed-up sheaf of tiny, high quality loose leaf scrap paper with the brand-name cache of Evian water and Montblanc pens, it’s a damn sane way to take down personal notes on the side while you’re expanding on broader business plans in a larger notebook.

Index cards are great, but let’s just face it – they make you look like a crazy person. The Moleskine Cahier is fountain pen friendly, classy, and conveniently fits in your pockets without dragging your pants down your hips (face the facts – you have to carry a lot more crap than just your notebook). It’s flexible, discreet, and it will begin to wear right about the time you’ve reached the last page anyway.

Factor in the fact that these books come in convenient packages of three, and you’ve got yourself a winning portable companion to your journaling system as well as a powerful GTD tool.

4 Responses to “An Ode to the Moleskine Pocket Cahier”

  1. Bob Says:

    I also use the Cahier books. I keep one carefully stashed with misc passwords that I cannot remember, one for general note taking and for personal (not work) GTD and one for my art inventory. I keep notes on various sketches and paintings that I have done. I think they are a little expensive but are very handy and I’m dependent on them. I don’t like the perforated tear out pages. I tape the perforations on the back side of the page. For tear out pages I keep a few sticky notes in the back of the book.

  2. Alex Says:

    After I stumbled across this statement way too often, which even led me to the false conclusion that all my Cahiers must be faulty:
    It’s the last 16 SHEETS that are perforated, not pages.
    So all of the second half of the Cahiers consists of perforated pages.

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