Pen review: Pilot Namiki Ageless Future in Silver

October 11, 2006

My latest pen aquisition comes from (as usual) Paradise Pen. The Pilot Namiki Ageless collection features two different lines – Present and Future. This pen is the Future in silver. The only real difference in the two lines is that the Present has a translucent grey plastic grip, while the grip on the Future is solid white.

Pilot Namiki Ageless Collection - Future

I am not generally a fan of ballpoint pens. In fact, I’ve hated almost every one I’ve ever tried to use on a consistent basis, from low end Space Pens to the most gorgeous Montblanc. I need a fountain pen, gel or rollerball to commit to a long term pen relationship. I’m picky, what can I say. That being said, the Namiki Ageless is definitely the smoothest ballpoint pen I’ve ever used. I’ve always been a big fan of Pilot because of their G2 line, and I’d always heard good things about Namiki. I can now confirm that all the praise is warranted. The line is rollerball smooth and dark, yet doesn’t run, feather or bleed the way some rollerballs can.

The Ageless collection has another feature that makes it an attractive pocket pen. If you (like me) don’t like putting a pen in a front shirt pocket (or don’t always have a front shirt pocket) then you know that sometimes a pen can get stabby in the front pocket of jeans or slacks. The Ageless has a double twist mechanism that retracts not only the tip but the entire point of the pen, leaving the instrument a non-stabby cylindrical barrel perfect for carrying in your pants pocket. Ringing in at about $70, the Ageless is an expensive pen for everyday use, but a really cool addition to a collection.


4 Responses to “Pen review: Pilot Namiki Ageless Future in Silver”

  1. Chip Currin Says:

    I have a question, regarding the Pilot/Namiki Ageless pen. I typically like to try a pen before I invest in one, even if the pen is only 30-40 dollars or more. Nashville, TN doesn’t seem to have a dealer offering the Ageless pen. I was wondering if there is any way to sample this pen before purchasing. I know this is an unusual request, but I am particular and do not just buy and hope I like the item. Could you be of help to me?

  2. Ilija Sikic Says:

    most warmly recommended
    from Ilija Sikic (Writer)

  3. jmck Says:

    nice heft, retract feature makes carrying pen comfortable. only drawback is pen finish is susceptible to visible scratching. refill ink is available in a few flavors — ageless .7mm and ctr of gravity 1mm. both write very smoothly. .7mm line is reasonably thin for a ballpoint. pen actually comes in a high quality plastic pen case which prevents scratches — i find this pen does not travel around on me due to scratching issues.

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