Pen review: Pilot VBall Grip Extra Fine

September 22, 2006

I will go out on a limb and say that the Pilot VBall Grip Extra Fine is possibly THE definitive pen for the hpda. I’m always a fan of the Pilot G2, and the new G2 mini seemed perfect for the hpda, but it doesn’t come in fine point, which I consider a must.


Enter the Pilot VBall extra fine. This pen carves fine lines into index cards like it’s giving them a new tattoo. If you can (and like to) cram as much tiny handwriting as possible onto your cards, consider picking up a pack of these at your local productivity pr0n office supply aisle.


8 Responses to “Pen review: Pilot VBall Grip Extra Fine”

  1. Original Vball Fan Says:

    Boo, this pen is crap. Please Pilot, please bring back the Vball Extra Fine NON GRIP pen that thousands of us have used for over a decade. I can’t buy the Original Vball Extra Fine 35200 anywhere unless online with $10 shipping. WTF? Officemax, and Officedepot are both being forced by Pilot to shove the “Grip” down the consumers throat, and honestly we just want the plain Jane, battle hardened, decade proven design that we have purchased in the gazillions. Much like the new FJ Cruiser this new Vball goes against an entire history, and leaves purists with a bad taste in their mouths, not to mention a squiggly line the new grip gimmick causes when under steady pressure. Pilot should be ashamed.

    • Tina Says:

      Totally agree….nice to know I’m the only one who scoured the net for the Vball Extra Fine! I am so guilty of paying the shipping out of desperation…Pilot knows very well what they are doing. I can’t do work without this pen, I’m addicted.

  2. Pen Lover Says:

    This pen is a work of art. I am a debater and consequently a pen devotee, which has resulted in my sampling a lot of pens. I found that Pilot constructed the best and have been a G2 fan for upwards of two years. However, one of my teammates found a VBall Extra Fine Grip and let me use it- I was instantly attracted. Unfortunately, my local stores only sell it accompanied by Precise V5 RTs, but I’m not letting that deter me. Instead I just bought three packs of the V5s. Anyway, I think that this pen is great. It’s decidedly better than the G2 and I feel that it has the potential to make its mark (no pun intended) on the world of writing utensils with great success.

  3. E.Winslow Says:

    A decade ago my Pulitzer-prize-winning reporter friend told me this was the preferred pen in the field. No leak, no edges, no seams (BIC sucks), visible reservoir, cheap (on *that* note BIC is amazing). I think the only flaw is that the clip can get bent out.

  4. E.Winslow Says:

    Two further points:
    (1) I’ve gotten them online (looking now)
    (2) They don’t seem to run out of ink. Must be some sort of
    magic. No wonder the stores are preempting them with a wall of colorful crap.

  5. Two in the pocket Says:

    Ive been using the pilot vball grip extra fine for over a year. i always make sure to have 2 in the pocket just incase one slips out. Great pen even for drawing. Only complaint would be that the exterior finish starts wearing down. But that only shows how long they last.

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  7. Jerry Says:

    I found this pen in a hallway at my old school and was immediately addicted to it. I doodled with it every day in spanish class from October to late May! I’m in no way a pen expert or enthusiast, but I really love this pen; it makes me not mind doing homework.

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