Pilot Pen UK announces BegreeN product line

September 18, 2006

Any productivity pr0n lover’s favorite cheap pen is probably the Pilot G2 – maybe even a mini version for those pocket Moleskines and hPDAs. If you also care about the environment (and if you don’t, you should!) then you’ll be happy to hear that Pilot now has a line of more environmentally friendly pens called BegreeN.


Yeah, I don’t know why the N is capitalized, either.

BegreeN is a complete range of recycled products and a real innovation in the world of writing instruments. The range has been selected to match most writing needs and covers just about every category you can think of including: ballpoint, gel and rollerball pens as well as mechanical pencils, hi-lighters, markers and erasers.

Order some from the UK if you have to get yours hands on BegreeN immediately. No word on a US release.

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