Environmentally friendly pencil lust

September 18, 2006

While flipping through this month’s issue of body + soul magazine, I was thrilled to find an article about more eco-friendly office supplies. Though most offices now have at least a paper recycling program, there is always a lot more that can be done to make your workplace greener. Enter Tree Smart.


Tree Smart, Inc. produces newspaper pencils – extremely cool writing implements that help you save the world while you write. The pencil casings are made entirely from rolled up newspapers surrounding a #2 lead.

No mulching or mixing with toxic recycling chemicals is required. A special adhesive formula is used to bind the newsprint together into a cohesive trunk as hard as wood. They sharpen easily, just like wood.

After drying, pencils are smoothed to a consistent round barrel. Newsprint images are still visible on the pencil surface. U.S. made quality ferrules and rubber erasers are attached to the pencil ends.

Tip to top, beginning to end, pencil lead to eraser, Tree Smart, Inc. has developed a product that everyone can use and reuse and feel very good about it. Enjoy!

Visit http://www.treesmart.com to learn more about how the pencils are made, and to order some for your desk or your collectionl.

One Response to “Environmentally friendly pencil lust”

  1. madeleine Says:

    I’ve recently found some other great environmentally friendly pencils. O’BON has tons of different styles and colors perfect for school and the office as well. These newspaper pencils are some of my favorites. http://www.myobon.com/product/newsprint-2b-pencil-case-24

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