Relax, damnit

July 28, 2006

From Engadget:

In another rendition of games where the calmest mind wins, Steve Lambert has designed a two-player arcade-style version where participants sit down and do their very best to relax. Ironically, the game’s objective is to make your sprinter outrun your opponent’s, but getting frantic won’t help those legs move any quicker. The game senses the level of stress in your body — better known as bio-feedback — and converts your calmness into speed, while heightened stress will slow you down. So if you need a more entertaining way to get your blood pressure down from the stratosphere, just try to chill out during a high-paced, winner takes all game of competitive relaxation.

I would really love to see some Tibetan monks trained in a lifetime of meditation practice go up against each other at that game.


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