Ode to the California Republic Palomino HB

July 25, 2006

In honor of Pencil Revolution, a repost from when Slow Burn was hosted through Blogger:

California Republic Palomino HBs
Originally uploaded by A.E. Baxter.

The guys over at Pencil Revolution wrote such a convincing review of the California Republic Palomino HBs that I had to give them a try. They’re only available through the Pencil World Creativity Store online, so I ended paying a steep $11.25 for 6 pencils… nearly $2 each! When I first received them, I was underwhelmed. I think, however, it had been too long since I’d used a wooden pencil (I’ve been on a very serious Pilot G2 kick). As I tried out a few other common drugstore varieties alongside the Palomino, I began to see how smooth they are to write with. And, like the Revolution’s review states, you can’t beat the clack of that thick, satisfying orange lacquer on a Moleskine cover. I am enjoying these pencils immensely.


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