A slowdown at Pencil Revolution

July 25, 2006

I’m sad to say that one of my favorite analog-focused blogs, Pencil Revolution, will be slowing down its posting frequency. From the latest post:

Is a revolution over when it has achieved its goals? Maybe it shouldn’t be, since there is always more to accomplish and always accomplishments to defend. But posting will nonetheless lose much of its frequency (as it has this summer), due to a major [physical] relocation of our editor and some other reasons. But we’re still here.

Infinite thanks to all Comrades who keep the fighting the good fight, in the studios, coffeeshops, pencil-blogs and trenches. Pencil Revolution never would have lasted this long without you.

Pencil Revolution has certainly been instrumental in popularizing fine graphite like the California Republic Palomino and the Tombow HB. I’m sad to hear that the blog won’t be posting reviews and articles as often. PR is a really interesting niche blog that collected a huge number of fans during its run.

I hope to continue posting about pencils and pencil-related gear here at Slow Burn as part of my ongoing obsession with pretty much all writing instruments, but I’ll never be able to cover the world of pencils with the enthusiasm that PR did. I don’t even have an electric pencil sharpener, after all! Hats off, PR.


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